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Seasons In Saudi Arabia

The Seasons In Saudi Arabia Offer The Best Of Nature, Festivals, And Activities

Firstly Seasons In Saudi Arabia as most of Saudi Arabia is a desert-like plateau, the weather usually remain stable throughout the Kingdom. Climatic differences can only be felt between coastal and inland areas. There are four major seasons in Saudi Arabia: Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring.

The summer in the country is hot and dry, with very little to no rainfall. On the other hand, winters are mild with the expectations of rain and snowfall in some regions. In the cities like Riyadh, summers are outrageous, with the most extreme temperatures reaching 47 degrees Celsius. Whereas, during winters, warm days can turn into cold evenings and frigid nights.

Mountains in the north can experience moderate snowfall during winters. Regions around the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf have a humid climate with pleasant weather conditions. Here’s a guide on what to expect in each of the four seasons of Saudi Arabia; can be really handy if visiting KSA for the first time.

Seasons In Saudi

Summer in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom has long and harsh summers. The heat in the desert can be unbearable; hence, adequate protection is needed during summer. The land becomes dry with no trace of rainfall in many regions. In May, Saudi summer temperature ranges around 30 degrees Celsius, reaching 45 degrees Celsius in August. The holy city of Makkah is the hottest place in Saudi Arabia during summers. Abha, the summer capital of Saudi Arabia remains the coolest city in Saudi Arabia in summer.

Seasons In Saudi Arabia
Seasons In Saudi Arabia
Autumn in Saudi Arabia

Autumn in Saudi Arabia is comparatively shorter than summer. It usually lasts only till September and October. The season experiences significantly less rainfall which helps mitigate the heat. The weather starts to cool down in mid-September, but the intense desert heat does not disappear until October, when the daily average temperature drops to around 26 degrees Celsius.

Seasons In Saudi Arabia
Seasons In Saudi Arabia
Winter in Saudi Arabia

Winter season in Saudi Arabia is at its peak from December to January, and the coldest month is January. Through the season, the average winter temperature in Saudi Arabia is 20 degrees Celsius, it can drop to near-zero at night in some areas. Winter experiences considerable rainfall and is also considered as rainy season in Saudi Arabia. The rainfall can vary in different parts of the Kingdom. The most rainfall occurs in the central highlands, including the capital Riyadh. Snow is rare, but light snowfall may be seen in some regions, such as the Jiraz, Tabuk, or Jebel al-Lawz mountain. Turaif, located on the northern border, is the coldest place in Saudi Arabia with minimum temperature recorded as -12°C.

Seasons In Saudi Arabia
Seasons In Saudi Arabia
Spring in Saudi Arabia

One of the most beautiful seasons in Saudi Arabia, spring is rather a short one. On the Red Sea coast, temperatures reach 33°C through mid-March. As a result, the already insignificant amount of precipitation is further reduced. The temperature continues to rise in April. Daytime temperatures do not drop below 32°C and at night are around 25°C. The exceptions are mountainous areas and deserts (about 8°C; colder nights with a temperature of 46°F) and the shores of the Red Sea with hotter days.

Spring is the equally important time to pack summer essentials in one’s wardrobe. The best wear during spring is light shirts and loose trousers. Most of the clothes are made up of cotton and linen. The style gets more relaxed during spring.

Seasons In Saudi Arabia
Seasons In Saudi Arabia

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